Hot Gas Generator – IGGQ

Hot Gas Generator – IGGQ

The heat generator with a refractory furnace, with fans, air ducts and gases as accessories, and a gas equalization chamber (mixing chamber), which has the function of guaranteeing the expected temperature of the gases at the generator outlet. 

The design of the heat generators meets the demand of the biomass market for small, medium and large heat generating units, with high thermal efficiency and low operating cost, with the basic characteristics of the compact furnace for high temperatures and fuel burning through an oscillating grid, with a refractory brick-lined furnace and a ceramic fiber afterburning chamber, in order to ensure complete combustion.

The characteristics of the oscillating grill are: Acceptance of fuels with a high degree of humidity, variations in fuel granulometry and due to the large mass of fuel on the grill provides stability in combustion and consequent load on the burner.




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