Hot Air Generator – IGAQ

Hot Air Generator – IGAQ

The Hot Air Generators project aims to meet the market demand for units that require clean hot air for drying processes. It is most commonly used in spray dryer processes with high pressure air. It can also be used in rotary dryers or belt dryers.

It consists basically of a furnace with refractory and heat exchangers. The furnace aims to generate combustion gases that will exchange heat with clean air. The combustion technology used is the reciprocating grid that presents the best efficiency in the market for biomass equipment. It can operate on solid fuels with high humidity and grain size variations. Due to the large mass of fuel in the grill, it has excellent combustion stability and thermal load.

Heat exchangers have sufficient safety margins to meet peak production and compensate for soot resistance, which is normal in biomass equipment, ensuring the production of working fluid and the expected efficiency throughout the operation period.


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