Aquatubular Boiler

Aquatubular Boiler

The aquatubular boiler of the monodrum type can be of two or three passes on the gas side (furnace) with generation of saturated or superheated steam; Up to 200 t / h, pressure up to 110 bar (g) and temperature up to 540 ° C.

Combustion systems

Reciprocating grid; Others (on request): Vibrating, rotating grid, pin hole and fluidized bed; Gas / oil / powder burners.


Saturated or superheated steam for industrial processes in general; Superheated steam for electricity generation and cogeneration. The design of the ICAVI aquatubular boilers aims to meet the market demand for large and medium-sized generating units, operating in high pressure and temperature ranges, with high thermal efficiency and low operating cost.


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