Boilers are of great importance in several processes in the industrial sector. Because it generates huge amounts of steam and always operates at high pressure and temperature, great care is needed to ensure that this equipment does not present problems.

The best way to avoid difficulties in the future is to have knowledge about the best practices for a boiler to work perfectly. Thus, a factory is able to ensure that this resource is used more efficiently and safely.

An industry needs to prioritize not only production capacity, but also the well-being of employees. With this in mind, we will highlight, in this article, 5 vital procedures for a boiler to achieve a high level of performance.


  1. Perform preventive and scheduled maintenance

Regardless of the type of equipment, preventive maintenance is a crucial action to identify possible problems more quickly, which contributes a lot to avoid unforeseen interruptions in the factory.

This stance is undoubtedly one of the best practices for a boiler to function properly. Planning and execution are essential steps for preventive maintenance to be performed flawlessly.

It is worth mentioning that this initiative has as main advantages for the industry the reduction of defects, wear and failures that can negatively affect the performance of a boiler and other sectors. In addition, it allows the equipment to be more able to reach the maximum performance capacity when required.

Another precaution that must be taken into account when betting on periodic and scheduled maintenance is the choice of a qualified partner to perform this service. Thus, an industry adopts initiatives that guarantee a higher level of safety for employees.

Boilers need to undergo preventive maintenance based on good planning. This measure must be prioritized by an industry, because it greatly reduces the risks of accidents at work, financial losses and image.



  1. Bet on the correct and frequent cleaning of the boilers

It is inevitable that this equipment will begin to expose natural wear and tear due to the production of steam and the burning processes, which can be responsible for corrosion, accumulation of debris and incrustations. These factors are characterized by affecting the good performance of the boiler over the years.

To minimize the risks of this situation, it is recommended to invest in preventive maintenance and periodically clean the equipment. This initiative must be done with great care to remove excess debris, which is essential to optimize the generation of steam and increase the life of the boiler.

It is recommended that cleaning is carried out by means of a suitable steel brush or by the use of specific equipment, also known as tires. These resources make it possible to sanitize the tubes faster and more conveniently and require the participation of more than one employee for the process to be done correctly.

Cleaning, undeniably, is one of the best practices for a boiler to have a performance within expectations for a long period. This must be analyzed very carefully by industrial managers.


  1. Empower employees in a planned way

It will be excellent for your company to buy a boiler of excellent quality and recognized by the market. However, this will not provide good results if there are no professionals qualified to use this equipment.

Even with technological advances, the human factor is essential for a factory to achieve goals. This aspect shows the need to carry out a training program focused on the use of the equipment.

The recommendation is that the training has a rich content and prioritizes, at the same time, technical and practical knowledge. Thus, employees will be able to perform operations related to the boiler in a responsible and efficient manner.

It is relevant to mention that the training to use the boiler is one of the requirements that are in Regulatory Norm 13 (NR-13), of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). To use the equipment, the employee must obtain the Boiler Operation Safety Training certificate.


4. Be careful with the quality of the feed water

A detail that cannot be ignored under any circumstances by the industrial sector covers the quality of the treatment of the boiler feed water. As this process is carried out efficiently, the chances are greater that the equipment will be safer and have a longer service life.

It is necessary to clarify that, before being applied in the industry, the water to be used to feed the boiler needs to undergo a specific treatment. This procedure is vital in order not to harm the other components of the equipment.

The main purposes of water treatment in a boiler are as follows:

Combat the creation of incrustations on the contact surfaces, which contributes to the preservation of the components;

Consistently prevent corrosion, an aspect that raises the cost of maintenance and can cause structures to break);

And remove the occurrences of mechanical drag (drops of water in steam) and chemical drag (silica and several dissolved solids).

Another important recommendation is to follow the standards of quality and purity of water in the diet. This must be monitored very carefully, because it covers relevant parameters, such as salts dissolved in demineralized water, such as magnesium, sodium and calcium.


  1. Invest in excellent quality boilers

We highlight several essential precautions to follow the best practices for a boiler to work without problems. However, it is necessary to use common sense when purchasing this equipment.

It is common to be concerned about the price due to the need to reduce expenses. On the other hand, this attitude can cause serious performance and safety problems in the future, if the boiler does not have the expected quality and technological resources.

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