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  • Special projects

    ICAVI acts as an integrator in projects in the steam power generation sector, with or without steam for the process. The scope encompasses management, basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up. The projects have solid, liquid and/or gaseous fuels as their primary source.

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    Special projects
  • Watertube Boiler

    The ICAVI Watertube Boilers (ICA) have great operational flexibility, allowing the burning of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels in isolation or even a mixture of these. The project is customized and is characterized by the use of fuels with a wide range of calorific value and with different physicochemical characteristics. Applications include steam generation for industrial processes, electric power generation and cogeneration.

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    Watertube Boiler
  • Hybrid Boiler

    Hybrid Boiler ICAVI (ICFC/ICFB) aims to meet the market demand for medium-sized generating units, operating in varied pressure and temperature ranges, with high thermal efficiency and low operating cost, having as basic characteristics the construction of the two-pass body in the gas circuit, with expanded tubes, fuel burning through a reciprocating grate, with a furnace and post-burning chamber lined with refractory bricks, in order to ensure complete combustion.

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    Hybrid Boiler
  • Hot Water Boilers

    The ICAVI Hot Water Boiler (ICAQ) or water heaters is equipment intended for manufacturing processes that demand extreme thermal stability. The most common use of this equipment on the market is for drying in industrial processes.

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    Hot Water Boilers
  • Thermal Fluid Heater

    The ICAVI Thermal Fluid Heater (IAFT) aims to meet the demand for using biomass burning to heat thermal fluids, operating in high temperature ranges, with high thermal efficiency and low operating costs. This equipment provides heat for the thermal oil (mineral or synthetic) transferring thermal energy to the industrial process, having as its great advantage the thermal stability and the burning of fuels with a high degree of humidity and having the objective of providing security to meet the peaks of production, thus ensuring the expected efficiency during the entire period of operation.

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    Thermal Fluid Heater
  • Hot Gas Generator

    ICAVI Hot Gas Generator is an equipment designed for drying process in general, such as the drying of fertilizers, ores and chemical products on food industry.

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    Hot Gas Generator
  • Thermal Power Generator

    The ICAVI Thermal Energy Generator (IGET) is a device that combines more than one working fluid in a single generator. It is often used in industrial units where there is a need for several fluids working in parallel.

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    Thermal Power Generator
  • Hot Air Generator

    The Hot Air Generators project aims to meet the market demand for units that require clean hot air for drying processes. It is most commonly used in spray dryer processes with high pressure air. It can also be used in rotary dryers or belt dryers.

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    Hot Air Generator
  • Fuel Storage and Handling System

    The Fuel Storage and Handling Systems are customized projects for receiving and moving biomass for burning and processing according to the required flow rates and layouts. Its purpose is to transport various types of biomass to boilers/heaters/generators for burning, thus generating renewable thermal energy.

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    Fuel Storage and Handling System


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