Thermal Power Generator – IGET

Thermal Power Generator – IGET

The thermal oil heater now offered consists of two vertical spiral coils, three passes on the gas side, prefabricated, with external walls in fully insulated carbon steel plate and with an intake chamber coated in refractory.

The heater project meets the demand for the use of biomass burning for heating fluids, operating in high temperature ranges, with high thermal efficiency and low operating cost.

Acceptance of fuels with a high degree of humidity, variations in fuel granulometry and, due to the large mass of fuel on the grill, stability in combustion and heater load.

The design of the heat exchange areas had the objective of providing sufficient safety margins to meet peak production and to compensate for the thermal resistance caused by normal soot films that will eventually adhere to the tubes, thus guaranteeing the expected efficiency throughout the operation period.


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